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Our essential skills framework

In 2020, we developed Envision’s Essential Skills Framework in partnership with Skills Builder Partnership, aligning with their Universal Framework which is used by more than 850 organisations worldwide. Since 2022 we’ve been an accredited Level 4 Impact Partner of Skills Builder – the highest level available. 

Envision’s four essential skills are made up of the eight essential skills in Skills Builder’s Universal Framework:

1 5 6 7 8
Copy of Developed their essential skills through designing, developing, and delivering a social action project 1 2 3 4

Skills Builder’s framework consists of 15 ‘steps’ to develop each skill from ‘beginner’ to ‘mastery’ level. Envision identified the steps most appropriate for our young people and programme, and translated these into ‘skill statements’ that make up our outcomes framework.

Our essential skills framework sits at the
heart of our curriculum.

Our programme is structured and codified, helping us ensure that it’s delivered consistently and well across all our regions. The aims and outcomes of each session are linked directly to our essential skill statements. Our facilitators embed essential skills language throughout activities, and support young people to reflect on their progress weekly. This ensures that they understand exactly how, when, and why they’re developing their skills. By the Final event, our young people can confidently articulate their essential skills and successes, ready to continue building on these after they graduate.