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Our outcomes and impact

We support less-advantaged young people to develop the essential skills and confidence they need for life and work. 

We work closely with teachers in our partner schools to target the young people who will most benefit from our programmes, including those from low socio-economic backgrounds (for example, those eligible for Free School Meals or 16-19 Bursary) and those identified as having low levels of self-confidence. 

How do we measure and manage impact?

The Envision Essential Skills Framework sits at the heart of our outcomes, our curriculum, and our impact-management systems.

Our young people complete baseline and endline self-evaluation surveys based on the skills statements in our framework, assessing the frequency with which they use each skill so that they can reflect on their progress and we can learn what's working and what's not.

At the midpoint of the programme, after completing their first milestone challenge, young people consider their progress so far and re-set a personal goal for themselves. At the end of the programme, they reflect on their skills development and usage, as well as the development of their confidence and their understanding of meaningful social action. They’re also given the opportunity to provide feedback on programme content.

We continue to stay in touch with our graduates up to 18 months after they leave the Envision programme, monitoring their continuing skills progress and EET (Education, Employment, and Training) outcomes. Over time, we will use this data to learn more about the effectiveness of our programme, to ensure it builds essential skills that go and grow with the young people we serve.

The data we collect is used as part of our process of continuous improvement and review, as well as our quality assurance, allowing us to course-correct during programme delivery as well as learn from our data in order to strengthen our programme year-on-year. We also report on our data to our partners in end of programme Impact Reports and in our yearly Organisation Report.

On our 2022/23 core programmes...

74% of young people demonstrated development in their essential skills (via self-evaluation surveys)

84% of young people reported their understanding of social action had improved

86% of young people reported their confidence
had improved


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Envision Strategic Plan 2021-24
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Impact Report 2021-22
Co-op Academies Trust Envision Programme 21-22
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Envision Organisational Report 2021-22
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Organisational Report 2020-21

Our strategy

Read our 2021-2024 three-year strategy here.