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Trusts and foundations

We rely on the generosity of our partners to keep doing what we do best – empowering young changemakers to shape their futures.

Essential skills support in school remains underfunded despite the increasing evidence of their importance to a young person’s lifelong success. Working in partnership with schools, we identify the young people who would benefit the most from opportunities to develop their confidence and essential skills.

A previous randomised control trial has proved that our programme develops the “most essential skills for life and work’. We also remain committed to a cycle of continual improvement, using our data to reflect and improve with an aim to share what we’ve learned with the wider sector so more young people can develop their skills and confidence

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without support from the dedicated trusts and foundations we work with. By supporting us, you’re enabling us to reach hundreds more young people, while keeping the cost to schools low. Find out how you can support us to grow, get in touch

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Who we are

We empower young changemakers to shape their futures. 

Our vision

We’re building a society where a young person’s background doesn’t determine their future. 


We rely on your generosity to keep doing what we do best. Please donate today.