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We rebranded!

We’re very excited to share that we’ve launched our new brand!
We rebranded!

As we continue to empower young changemakers to shape their futures and build their skills beyond the classroom, we wanted to make sure our visual appearance and brand identity better represented the work we’re do.

We’ve shaped a powerful approach over the last 20 years. Starting in a garden shed with four young friends eager to support youth-led social action projects, Envision has spread from London to Birmingham to Bristol and beyond. We know our programme works, we believe in its potential and we’re ready to bring it to more young people!

We have plans in place to grow effectively and with impact, so we felt that it was right for our brand to grow with us.

Our approach to rebranding

In 2021, the team and Board came together to align on our mission and our plans to grow with impact.

With the support and guidance of Lizzie Pring we began to reflect on the language we use to talk about ourselves and the work we do. To understand a bit more about how others perceived us, we asked our schools and corporate partners to tell us what they thought we do well, what could be improved and what sets us apart from others.

Using this feedback, we recognised that our messaging needed to be refined in order to more accurately support our strategy and reflect the organisation we are today

This helped us to shape our tone of voice and translate some of our slightly technical internal language into a clear mission statement to share with others: We empower young people from less advantaged backgrounds to develop essential skills and confidence through tackling social issues affecting their community. Once we were happy with this, we partnered with our friends at Northern Bear to build our new look.

So… why the new design?

Working with the fantastic team at Northern Bear, we wanted our new look to capture the energy, knowledge and fun that we bring to everything we do here at Envision.

Our new icon is a colourful spectrum to convey the journey our young people take on our programmes. It speaks of opening up possibilities as they engage in social action projects and build their four key skills (communication, creativity, determination and teamwork). Just like the spectrum imagery, these skills will continue to go and grow with our young people far beyond the classroom.

It was also important to us that we incorporated our classic Envision green and yellow to show that, whilst we do look a bit different, we are proud of everything we’ve achieved over the years. We’ve dedicated time, head and heart to the relationships we’ve built with each other, our donors, our schools and our young people so that we’re all working together to achieve the very best for the young people on our programmes.

Moving forward…

While we may look a little different, our vision is as clear as ever: we want to live in a society where a young person’s background doesn’t determine their future.

Through our growth and impact strategy, we will continue to empower even more young people to make change in their communities and build their essential skills and confidence to succeed in later life.

A huge thank you to each and every person involved in our rebranding journey. We love our new look and we hope you do too!

Any questions about the new brand? Get in touch with Finn O’Ryan, our Communications and Events officer at finn.o’


Written by:

Finn O'Ryan