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Paul is a CRM Delivery Team Manager at Wesleyan (a financial consultant company) and has been a valued mentor with Envision for several years.

A different type of challenge

With 16 years under his belt at Wesleyan and being fairly comfortable in the work that he does, Paul recognised that you can easily become complacent in your role. For this reason, he was eager to become a mentor to put himself in a new environment where he would be challenged. Paul found that mentoring would be a way to give back, whilst doing something a bit different to his daily work

He found that entering a school environment and meeting a group of 13 new young people each cohort has bettered his listening skills, as you have to pay attention to each individual young person to understand what they require from you as a mentor.

Helping young people find their voice

Throughout his years mentoring with Envision, Paul has also found that a shared benefit of the programme is the realisation across the board that their age group has a voice, they have fantastic ideas, they’re creative and that their views matter. He acknowledged that young people of that age group have got a really bad reputation in our current society, so through his mentoring he wanted to shine a spotlight on the positives.

He also enjoys being able to demystify the young people’s perceptions of the world of work and answer any questions they might have about their own futures. As a mentor, he feels as though it is his ongoing responsibility to share that ‘failure’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing, introducing them to a growth mindset from a young age so that they can effectively tackle challenges that might come their way in later life.

With his most recent cohort, Paul supported a team of Year 10 students from Holyhead School in the Handsworth area of Birmingham. He felt that this team in particular struggled with their self-confidence, yet the growth they showed from beginning to end was incredible. By showing them that he valued their thoughts and point of view, they felt respected and empowered to continue opening up.

An ongoing journey

Paul really values that the Envision programme offers young people an insight into their own potential and futures and it is what brings him back each year. We are lucky to have a dedicated mentor like Paul helping us to support the young people we work with, and we look forward to having him join us for many more cohorts!

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