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Masan was a young person from Birmingham, with a goal of entering a career in primary education in her future. From the beginning of the programme, Masan was hesitant to get involved with her teammates, not speaking a single word in the first week.

A nervous start

Masan described herself as having low self-confidence, only talking to people she felt comfortable with. Despite this, she pushed herself to get involved in the programme so that she could develop her key skills and become a more active team member both in and outside of Envision.

A natural leader

When her team chose to raise money for Refugee Education UK, a charity helping young refugees build positive futures through education, she began to visibly grow in confidence and share more of her thoughts. Masan explored this with a passionate and empathetic approach, relating the work they do back to refugees in the local community that could be positively impacted by their awareness raising.

Masan also grew more comfortable and confident taking on additional responsibilities as the sessions continued. becoming a leader figure to the others by motivating them to succeed and helping them practice their public speaking. Her team’s mentors from Baily Garner (a building consultant in Birmingham) recognised the natural leader Masan was becoming and supported her with tips and guidance on how to continue supporting her team.

Reflecting on her journey

Masan felt extremely proud when reflecting on her undeniable growth in confidence and achievements at the team events, leaving Envision with a newfound excitement and awareness of the wide range of opportunities available to her in her future career.

Her main takeaway was the importance of being adaptable and willing to grow, saying that “you can start somewhere then you end up somewhere maybe completely different or even better.”

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