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Imran was a Year 10 student in London, joining the Envision programme with an open mind and optimistic outlook on what he could personally gain from working with a diverse group of his peers.

Learning from others

At his first session, he set himself a goal to push himself out of his comfort zone by working with new people so that he could develop his communication skills whilst learning from the different perspectives and experiences of others.

Listening with intent

During the weekly sessions, Imran’s Programme Coordinator helped him understand the importance of actively listening when communicating, particularly asking open questions to learn more. He was able to put this into practice with his teammates when discussing social issues they felt passionate about, opening the conversation to each member of the team to learn about their interests. This led to Imran and his team choosing to support the charity Carers Lewisham for their social action project, to raise money for children and young people aged between 5-25 years old who take care of friends or family.

At his first session with his team’s mentors from Solution Junkies (a consulting firm), Imran continued to develop his active listening to find out about their individual career paths and journeys, whilst also sharing his passions and interests.

As a solution focused organisation, the mentor team also offered Imran and his peers a wealth of knowledge in creative problem solving, helping him use techniques like mind mapping for the first time to generate ideas. He was excited about being able to apply this later in the programme as his team were struggling to come up with ideas for their awareness raising project.

Looking to the future

By the end of the 12-week programme, Imran was eager for others in his year to get involved with Envision, as he believed that his experience was invaluable. After making it his goal to actively listen and learn from others, he felt as though he was heading into his future equipped with a better understanding of effective communication and key creative techniques to help him tackle any challenges that may come his way.

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