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National Skills Week: Teamwork

Luba speaks about the importance of teamwork to build confidence and achieve goals.
National Skills Week: Teamwork

Hello! My name is Luba and I am a Secondary Programme Coordinator based in London.

Our fourth and final essential skill that we develop through our programmes is teamwork, a skill I find crucial because learning to work with different people and characters is a key part of life – whether it is in school, work or elsewhere.

Envision supports young people to develop this valuable skill because it is essential to strengthen young people’s confidence to work together. The impact of COVID has also heightened the need to support young people’s social interaction, teamwork skills and overall confidence more than ever.

In sessions, I facilitate teamwork by mixing up groups of young people so that they are working with people they do not usually talk to. This helps them get used to sharing their opinions with a wider group of people as they contribute to group decision making, whilst also being able to recognise the value of others’ ideas.  I also deliver fun icebreaker activities that require input from every young person to work. For example, ‘Back to Back Artist’ is a time-pressured game that requires every teammate to work with the person they are paired with in order to draw the picture and win! I find that introducing a competitive element in a team setting can really encourage some young people to get involved and push themselves out of their comfort zones… if there is a prize involved!

To conclude, I chose to highlight teamwork for National Skills Week because I view it as the foundation upon which young people’s confidence can be built upon, and by working with others they are able to succeed and achieve their goals together.


Written by:

Luba Musa-Eiggie


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