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National Skills Week: Creativity

Hear from one of our Post-16 Programme Coordinators, Rebecca, about how she facilitates creative problem solving and ideas generation in her sessions.
National Skills Week: Creativity

Hey! My name is Rebecca and I am the Post-16 Programme Coordinator in Bristol. I am introducing our second essential skill – creativity. 

Many people mistakenly reduce the skill of creativity to artistic expression alone, but this is not the case. Although it is easy to imagine a paintbrush and empty canvas when you hear the word “creativity”, there is so much more to this skill. When we talk about creativity at Envision, we mean our ability to creatively problem solve, think outside of the box when coming up with solutions and to combine different thoughts and ideas. I really enjoy facilitating this skill because often people don’t think of themselves as “creative”,  when really everyone has the ability to create something out of nothing!

It’s great to be able to instil this way of thinking into the young people and encourage them to give things a go. For me, confidence is key with creativity – once you feel able to have trust in your ideas – there are so many different options available, especially when you have a supportive team around you. I try to encourage this by having a “no idea is a silly idea” approach in my sessions and facilitate a lot of “brain spills” (AKA mind maps) at crucial points throughout the programme.

As teams of young people work together, you get to witness their initial social action ideas grow legs and become fully formed projects that they are able to build upon and put into action. Without us even knowing, young people and adults are constantly using this skill and its so important in many areas of our lives!


Written by:

Rebecca Pearl


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