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Meet Dr. Herminder Channa OBE: Our Newest Trustee

Herminder brings to our Board a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted commitment to empowering young people.
Meet Dr. Herminder Channa OBE: Our Newest Trustee

A Passion for Education

Herminder’s journey in education began in 2004. Teaching, for her, is not just a profession but a calling – a means to ensure that every individual has access to quality education, regardless of their background. From a young age, growing up in a Sikh household, Herminder adopted the guiding principles of selfless service (nishkam sewa) and adopting wise thinking and reasoning with a humble heart (mann neeva matt uchi), which have guided her work.

Inspired by Impact

Herminder was inspired to join Envision as a trustee after experiencing first-hand the impact of the programme on the lives of young people at her academy in Birmingham while serving as Principal. She recognised how Envision’s commitment to deepening young people’s understanding of effective social action not only created a sense of place and belonging for young people on the programme, but also empowered them with new skills as well as an awareness about how they can make a positive difference to their own world and in their own lives.

Contributing Professional Expertise

With her extensive professional background in education, Herminder is passionate about strengthening Envision’s programmes further and supporting our volunteer mentors with the tools and strategies needed to best guide young people on their personal journeys.

Herminder believes now more than ever that our young people need us to level up the playing field and provide hope. She was drawn to Envision’s commitment to creating a society where all young people are given equal opportunities to develop essential skills and confidence, especially those form less advantaged backgrounds.

Expectations and Goals

As a trustee, Herminder is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. She is keen to widen our reach, especially our growth plans in the West Midlands, and committed to highlighting the positive impact of Envision’s programmes on attendance, skills development, and youth engagement. She advocates for a shift in the educational landscape towards holistic measures of success, ensuring that these elements are integral parts of the curriculum.

Welcome to the Envision team, Herminder – we’re excited to have you on board!


Written by:

Finn O'Ryan