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Measuring our long-term impact!

We’re so excited to have launched our very first pilot of Long-Term Outcomes surveys for Envision Graduates this year!
Measuring our long-term impact!

At Envision, we support young people to build and sustain the essential skills needed to become successful adults. We know that the skills our young people develop on the Envision programme don’t just stop at graduation, but go and grow with them in whatever they choose to do next. That is why we’re so excited to have launched our very first pilot of Long-Term Outcomes surveys for Envision Graduates this year! Thanks to key support from the Mercer’s Company, we’ve put the building blocks in place that will allow us to stay in touch with our young people after they leave our programmes, to check in on how their essential skill levels are progressing and what they have gone on to achieve.

In January 2023, our Long-Term Outcomes survey was sent to 130 Year 11 pupils who graduated from our programme in January 2022. Questions were designed to allow our graduates to reflect on the continued development and use of their essential skills – communication, creativity, determination, and teamwork – in the 12 months since completing the programme.

We were delighted to see that of the graduates who responded, the vast majority had maintained or improved their essential skill levels in the past year, and that most had continued engaging in social action since their work with Envision.

Of those who did not feel they had maintained or improved, the overwhelming reason given was a lack of time, opportunity, or chance to use their skills. We join Skills Builder, alongside many other organisations in our sector, in urging the government to provide a systemic approach to developing essential skills and building life-long learning, including opportunities for all young people to practice their essential skills in and beyond the classroom.

In the wake of the success of this pilot, we’ll soon be launching Long Term Outcomes for our Spring 2022 graduates from both our secondary and post-16 programmes – watch this space!


Written by:

Jess Batty


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