Sonia Green, Head of Sixth Form, Petchey Academy

By Jennie Butterworth   -  20 April 2017



It is great to see the impact of Envision around the whole school. ‘Cross Out Crime’ have already worked with over 500 students in the school and it is clear from the response of the younger students in the school that the work they have done and continue to do is having a lasting impact. 

As well as the project having a lasting impact on the community, the skills the Year 12s have learnt along the way have been invaluable and we can see they have developed these along the way to deliver a successful project. 

We have always valued the impact of Envision but I believe that this year we have seen the greatest impact and this was evident in the In School Pitch yesterday.

Hearing Nahema, an ordinarily shy young lady, stand up in front of 25 students and 5 adults on the panel and explain that her and her team wouldn’t have changed the way they carried out the project because if they had, they wouldn’t have learnt from their mistakes, was an inspiring moment and I hope future Petchey and Hackney students have the opportunity to engage in similar experiences.

Students have developed team work, organisational skills, communication and confidence and I feel certain they will be able to use this experience to prepare them for their next step in their careers, be it at summer internships, university or apprenticeships.